About us

20 years

Our company, which has been serving in the sector for more than 20 years as Kamer Marine; is at your side with its reliability and prestige in ship management, crew management, maritime consultancy and cargo transportation services.


To produce solutions on the sectorel standarts and suitable for international rules,

Taking responsibility on the common problems; operational, technical, enviromental and shoulder the responsibility of probable risks,

By controlling itself, perpetualluy developing organisation and technological infrastructure,

Constantly active and countinous development system within organization.

To develop and expand our service based on the needs of our customers,

To increase accountability within our organization which is based on trust, teamwork and risk-taking,

To focus on changing customer requirements and satisfaction,

To increase individual responsibilities of employees,

Access to highest quality standarts in all business areas of activity


Company will strive for a long-term ZERO TOLERANCE culture aiming to have:

No accidents

No health-related incidents

No marine and atmospheric pollution

No oil spills

No loss of process capability

No lapses in security

Our Professional Team